Recipe: The perfect weekend morning

Who doesn't love the weekend? The best part: cooking breakfast with Tony! Breakfast is my favorite meal but sadly I refuse to get up early enough to eat more than yogurt or instant oatmeal during the week. I eat breakfast at my desk pretty much everyday so sitting down to enjoy a "real" breakfast is such a treat....a luxury, really.

The ritual: wake up without an alarm, spend extra time playing with the pup, play some good tunes in the background, and then...get busy cooking.

Sit down to breakfast and enjoy the morning sunlight...a recipe for the perfect weekend morning.
Begley loves the weekends too!

Happy weekend!


The Working Momma said...

Breakfast looks amazing, I want to come to your house! By the way, I checked out your stuff on etsy and it is super cute! i might have to order a few things : )

Amy said...

Random comment... but I love the little juice "vase" with the hole in the center on your table. So cute and chic. (I also love Begley.) Do you ever bake the Begster anything? (Dog bones, things with meat on top of meat, or bacon cookies?) (Bacon cookies do exist... google it!)

Rachel said...

Wow, bacon cookies do exist and chocolate and bacon cupcakes exist too! Just ask the internet!

Begley hasn't gotten any homemade treats... I'm totally selfish. If I'm going to spend time and effort baking, I better be able to eat it! We did, however, get him some cute doggie valentine cookies while we were in TN.

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