Here we go again....

Now that life has quieted down, I'm ready to get this blog back into gear.

When I stopped posting we were in the middle of working on our's always a work in progress but we've made some pretty great strides since June. We were also knee-deep in wedding plans. We tied the knot on October 18th. Here's the proof: We went to Chicago for a week after the wedding:

(my first trip to Chicago. I'm short.)

....and that about sums things up.

I've been baking cakes:

...and cooking other things. Sometimes I post my photos on, and sometimes I even win the daily photo contest (woohoo!)

1st place on 8-7-09
1st & 2nd place on 9-16-09
Not technically a win but my photo was featured on recipe of the day, 12-11-09

And the latest, 1st place on 2-13-10

And now we're here:

Happily married, happily settled into our house.

So like I said, I'm ready to get this blog back into shape. A few different things this time around:

1) Less adding to the list of "recipes to make" and more adding to the list of "been there, made that." I have to quit filing away recipes for the future and actually make them!

2) Every recipe I make will feature my own photos (I'll mark them with my blog name).

3) More about crafting, including fun tutorials.


Oh my, I almost forgot another update, I'm in the Etsy business now! You can see my shop, TheCommonThread, here. I vowed I would learn to sew as a new year resolution, bought a sewing machine on January 1, and opened up my shop a couple of weeks later!!! Take a look:

..and now we're finished with the updates.


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