DIY: My Wedding Favors

I'm currently debating between these 3 wedding favors:
from The Knot
Caramel apples bought from Huber's Orchard in Indiana (delicious) - with custom wrapping.

From Cookbook Catchall

Homemade caramels by me - packaged in some cute container.

Small homemade jars of apple butter (the first recipe I posted!) - This would be extra special but lots of work (well, for my dad) haha.

All three of these ideas would be excellent for our fall wedding....I want something that's more unique than jordan almonds and other candies and I think these are all great ideas.... I just can't decide! Thoughts?
Saturday, May 02, 2009


Mr. Rachel Wallace said...

I agree that it will be a lot of work for your dad. So maybe the apples will be the way to go?

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