DIY: My Wedding Cake

Photo here
As I mentioned in the DIY recipe cards post, I've been thinking about having a cake bar instead of a traditional wedding cake. These photos are some of my inspiration. I love vintage cake plates.... I also love baking cakes. Having a homemade, old fashioned cake bar would be a perfect fit for our style of wedding.

Photo here <- this blog is great, I love her tag line: Creative. Thrifty. Sane. I like to believe that about myself as well.

Photo here

Taking on the task of making the cakes will be incredibly stressful - what if I burn them?! I'll be testing out cake recipes before the wedding and posting them on here! We'll see how those go and then I'll decide if I can handle it.
Saturday, May 02, 2009


Amy said...

That look gorgeous! I love that idea. To throw an idea out there, one of my family friends had a cake bar at her wedding and she asked various family members to make their specialties. So that could cut out some of the work for you if you have some people who make some really slamin' cakes. Though, I think half of the fun of a wedding is trying new,unique foods you wouldn't usually eat in your everyday life.
I'm so excited for this wedding!
p.s. I could make a derby pie for ya' though it'd be woefully out of season haha!.... I just made one last night (my first pie ever, at that!). I'll post the recipe soon. ;)

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