DIY: Coasters

This project is fantastic - I love DIY projects that are simple but still look like you would have paid a big price in the store. I ran across this DIY coaster project because someone made these as favors for their wedding. I'm not so much interested in that as I am in just making them for myself! I could also see making larger ones for use as kitchen trivets or using ones of all different sizes and patterns as a great wall art project. These would also make great custom gifts for any occasion - you could even make monogram coasters for someone.... yup, this is a keeper.

For complete directions click here.
Side note: After reading over the directions I became even more excited at the fact that you get to use Mod Podge. I used this stuff in high school for everything - collages on storage trunks, lamps, you name it and I Mod Podged it. Sadly though, I haven't had much use for it since then so the fact that this project uses Mod Podge gives it an additional star from me! Slightly dorky, yes... the end.


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