Wedding Inspiration

Because we are busy planning our wedding you can probably count on the 30% random assortment being well, mostly wedding related ramblings. This post is just about my basic wedding inspiration. Before we began looking at venues or cakes or thinking about flowers, before anything, I created this inspiration board:

This really embodies the feel I'm hoping to achieve on our big day... a casual but beautiful ceremony with a laid-back brunch reception to follow...and, inspired by fall of course. I loved the idea of using simple jars as centerpieces and the rustic burlap on the tables. Unfortunately I collected these images before this blog began so I can't give credit to where I found them (same goes for below!). Anyway, we have decided on a venue for the ceremony and reception and I think it will be perfect for the style we are hoping for!

Peterson- Dumesnil House, Louisville, KY
The photo doesn't begin to give justice to how gorgeous the house is. I'm still keeping my same theme and hoping for a more vintage feel. I'm also set on using jars for centerpieces - old blue Ball jars to be exact...I am so excited about this idea! My parents already have a few and Tony and I have been able to find a handful at the local Peddler's Market (we're also accepting jar loans from other family members, *hint hint.)

More inspiration for jar centerpieces
Another thing I'm excited about is making my own invitations, other decorations, and maybe even cake -- more to come on all of those topics later but for now I just wanted you to get the idea of what we're going for! I could post on wedding topics forever but that's all for now.
This blog could be just the remedy for Tony's, my parent's and my co-worker's ears - somewhere else to talk about the wedding other than constantly rattling on to them!


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