Our DIY Save the Dates

I've been hanging on to these photos for quite some time but now, I'm finally ready to show them off. These are mine and Tony's save the date cards. I designed everything myself, with my tiny bit of design knowledge...all using Paint and Microsoft Word. I chose the color scheme and design around our October wedding, played around with the wording and fonts and there you have it!

I bought card stock from Michael's and Hobby Lobby and ordered the envelopes online. The envelopes are made out of recycled brown paper bags which were an excellent touch and nod to our wedding style (at least I thought so!) A regular printer, paper cutter and glue finished them off...oh, and quite a few hours of assembling!

Our invitations will match this design but we've yet to start production on those - they will be even more complex and time consuming!

Did I mention we made the cards into magnets?

Though the cards and invitations are a pretty big thing to undertake, I'm very thankful that we did it. It's pretty special to hand make each invitation using your own design....oh, and we saved a TON of money by making our own (that never hurts!)


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